Circumvent Censorship with Tor Bridges

6 min readSep 3, 2023


Tor has become a staple over the years. It is used by journalists, activists, privacy enthusiasts and malicious cyber actors alike. Going into the intricacies of Tor is certainly beyond the scope of this post, however, today I wanted to discuss the different Tor connection methods and how they can benefit you. The genesis for this post came because, recently, my ISP has cut off my access to the Tor network. This is in the traditional sense of the word regarding both the Tor Browser and Tor via the command line (they both utilize the same sequence of events to connect). As you can see below when I attempt to connect via either means it simply hangs and never finishes the 100% connection. Trust me, I tried on many different systems and waited for multiple hours. To confirm my suspicion I even spun up a VPS with tor installed and connected with no issues.

At Home

On the VPS (Netherlands)

ISP Spying