FFM, The Ultimate Hacking Tool

7 min readOct 5, 2023

Freedom Fighting Mode (FFM)

FFM is a hacking harness that you can use during the post-exploitation phase of a red-teaming engagement. The idea of the tool was derived from a 2007 conference from @thegrugq.

It was presented at SSTIC 2018 (video) and the accompanying slide deck is available at this url. If you’re not familiar with this class of tools, it is strongly advised to have a look at them to understand what a hacking harness’ purpose is. All the comments are included in the slides.

This project is distributed under the terms of the GPL v3 License.

Authors Note: The vast majority of this tool was created by: https://github.com/JusticeRage/. Definetly check him out on Github, he has some amazing repositories. I have begun to contribute to this project and absolutely love it!

Check out the Project: https://github.com/JusticeRage/FFM

Full Documentation

Check out the full documentation for the tool in this repo:


Docker Install

  • With the diversity of modern terminal prompts, we highly recommend using docker with this tool.
  • Utilizing the Dockerfile in this repository will drastically cut down on potential errors encountered.
  • Utilizing a container to interact with remote hosts is also more secure. If you were to get exploited while interacting with a remote host, they would be sitting in your container vice your actual host. Lets still hope that does not happen.
  • Ensure you have Docker installed on your local system
git clone https://github.com/JusticeRage/FFM.git
cd /FFM
docker build Docker_Install/ -t ffm:ffmdocker image list 
localhost/ffm ffm fb6dd17e3b91 9 minutes ago 614 MB
docker.io/library/ubuntu 22.04 3b418d7b466a 2 weeks ago 80.3 MB
#run your new container and drop into a /bin/bash prompt as root




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